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Worst Band....your Thoughts?

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I'm nominating Manowar...because listening to them is like a neverending game of dungeons and dragons with a bunch of guys that smell of cheetos.


I have nothing against dungeons and dragons....just against that particular scenario.


So, worst band you've heard lately, or ever, I guess.

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See, I'd have nominated paris hilton but i am trying to pretend she's not happening.


Also, I'm going to congratulate you, dancing_invisible, though I don't know what that really means at all in any way! Congratulations!!!

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I like Nickelback ;) But then again I need my cheesie music once in awhile.


As for worst "band" I'd have to go with Simple Plan and Good Charlotte...but they're more like boy bands. They really don't play their own insturments...



Yeah, you're hardcore: You're from the suburbs...ugh...I mean ghetto...



Yeah, we like it up the butt...hard...hehehe...


Ugh...they make me sick. vomit-smiley-024.gif

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One man's favorite is another man's crap....


that being said, I hate all the bands you mentioned and any of them is worthy of the title, but lets not forget...

Black Eyed Peas!


My Humps was the worst thing to happen to music since the Thong Song.

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can we please switch this topic to worst bands and singers, cause man, there are a lot of solo stuff that is just crap, for example sean paul! does anyone really know what he is saying?

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Simple Plan

Good Charlotte

Backstreet Boys


Eminem (basically all his homies too G-U-NOT!)


Pussy Cat Dolls

Canibal Corpse

all the Pearl Jam/Creed wannabees (Nickelback, Default, Theory Of A Deadman)

Scott Stapp

Jeff Martin (Tea Party was better... which isn't saying much)


thats all for now

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