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Stargate Sg1/atlantis

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They use P90's for the following reasons:


-They look cool

-P90's are a very simple weapon; quick reload, 900 rounds/minute, not at all bulky, which is a good thing when you're running around going; "Drrraaa! Wraith!" or; "Drrraaa! Ori!"

-P90's also look kinda sci-fi-y

-The Air Force uses them in real life

-They look nifty

-Teal'C running around wielding P90's Akimbo style is just plain badass


Also they don't always use P90's. For example, on SG-1, Mitchell was using a G36K and Teal'c is often seen spouting an SAW. On Atlantis we've seen Teyla use an M16 (Siege Part 3) and Ronon's got that blaster that he picked up when he was a runner. And Sheppard can just devastate the baddies with his sharp, sarcastic wit.

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