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Cat Owners Unite!

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My girlfriend and I are planning on adopting 2 kittens this weekend - for all you cat owners out there, do you have any advice? Things we should ask before paying for them? Food/toys/medical check ups/etc?


I had cats growing up at home, but this will be my first experience with young kittens.

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Hmm...kitty tips...


* When you bring them home, close them in a small room, preferrably the one where their litter box and food/water is going to be...so they can get adjusted 1 room at a time...


* aluminimum foil balls make awesome toys...something about the sound of them skittering across a hard floor...


* Dun feed them tinned tuna...bad for them...


* See if you can teach them stuff :angry: Kittens are just as good as puppies, when it comes to tricks ;)


* If you're getting them from the SPCA, I believe the 1st check-up and first round of shots are free? Or at least, included in the adoption fee or something...dun forget to get them spayed/neutered! :angry:

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Guest jsunC

name them adolph and benito, that'd be cool.

I just found out a couple of weeks ago that you can teach cat's tricks. My girlfriend can make her cat sit, shake a paw, laydown and rollover. It's pretty impressive, i've never even tried to teach cats tricks

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This is all good advice, especially about the training. The thing is a cat has to WANT to do what you want it to do; providing ample belly rubs puts them in a more obedient mood!


Seriously consider feeding them raw food. If you can't manage that, then make sure to give them one RAW chicken wing tip or neck every few days to clean their teeth. Otherwise you will have to spend several hundred dollars at least once in their lifetime to get their teeth cleaned (plus they will be mad at you for a couple of days for hurting their gums).


Treat them well and you could end up with this .. .










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I don't know if we're getting rid of our kitties or not. My mom and I have grown attached to the last three, and I'ved named them.


Two females, one male.


Female one looks identical to her Mom Noelle, so my mom named her Bell.


Female two is a brown tabby, and I already have a cat named Link, so she's dubbed Zelda.


Male is almost identical to Female One, but I decided to name him Axl, as in Reinventing Axl Rose by Against Me!.



I once had a cat named Congo, we had twins named This and That once aswell.


I love naming animals.

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dogs are big and smelly and always need attention. but so is/does my cat. however, you don't have to watch your step in my yard and you can let her out without having to be with her. she always comes back because we have the food and she is too fat to hunt.

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