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Ecnarf After Reading Bad Grammer...

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Is this for real? I mean, come on...


What an annoying voice...


I'm waiting for him to whip out his penis and just start going at it...fuck...that's sick..


Is he on meth or something? He's kinda...crazy... Where the fuck is his parents? God, I hate people...

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I dunno. It looks really fake.


If it was me, I would be screaming and crying and throwing my computer out the window...


And if my mother was in the house she would have come up to my room, slapped me on my face, grabbed me and drag me down the stairs and I would be out of the house.

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I think it is real and the kid has some type of mental disorder...or he's missing his fix, not really sure.


I would think that the parents taped this, or someone in the house knew of his spastastic lack of patience and decided to let him go nutz. Made for a good laugh. The translation is the only one so far that actually makes sense, I've seen some other translations and they weren't all that great. This one takes the cake thats for sure.

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Ok....the link won't work for you?


Anyway the whole video is about some German kid who's trying to play a game on his computer, apparently Unreal Tournament, well he completely goes psycho on his computer when it doesn't load quick enough. Then to top it all off, once it loads he starts freakin out (apparently he gets killed) and smashes his keyboard. I realize while typing this that it isn't doing this any justice though, it really is a must see. Try going to youtube.com and type in "Angry German Kid"...I'm sure it'll be the first one...



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