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Where Should He Go?

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Considering how "grown up" he is now, I would love to hear more of the folk-y, acoustic style he's been showcasing lately. His last acoustic tour just solidified it. But then, acoustic has always sort of been my preference anyway.


Although, that sort of epic, orchestral thing he had going on was extremely, awesomely cool. But I think he mentioned he wouldn't do that again because it's really expensive?


I'd like to see what he could do, purely on an instrumental level.


As for existing songs recorded live....hmm...


* Suburbia, it's got such a deep, rich sound, I love it


* Giant, because it's got my favourite lyric of his in it, and I would melt into a puddle of estrogen to hear him sing it live


* The Workers Sing A Song of Mass Production, because I just love the way he sings it


* Hopeless, because I love the way it sounds live, and it just makes me smile for some reason


* Running For Home, because it brings a tear to my eye


* Deep Six, because it has such a sexy sound for some reason O.o


I think I'll just stop there, I could go on forever.

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I think that his next album will be a surprise!!! OMG!


Actually, I think it's going to be all of the above and more. I think it's going to have a little bit of everything that he's done..

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If Matt's idea of recording his new record were to come true, which places would you like to see him go and why?


Also, while he's out there, which existing songs would you like to hear recorded live where and why?

I don't think I was specific enough in wording my question ;)

Either that or people just had other things to say which is completely cool, so don't be be insulted!


I actually meant, if his idea of traveling the world to record the new album were to come true, where would you like to see him go and why? and what existing songs would you like to see recorded live in these places while he's there?

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XD by places I thought you meant musically LOL


Hmm...I'd like to see him go to Asian countries, like Japan. But then I'm obsessed with Japan >.>


There used to be a show called Guerrila Concerts or something, where a band just randomly shows up at a place, and places a concert. Matt could do that, but do countries instead of local places...


I just want to see him in Japan ;) haha how funny would it be if he recorded some of his songs in Japanese... He could become a J-Rock Idol! wahaha


I still stand by my choices in my last post about what songs I'd like him to record live.

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Man, it's been a long time since I read the Bored. This is a wicked topic, though.


I'd like to see a sort of binary pair recorded: it'd be beautiful if he went to Israel, somewhere, and recorded an acoustic version of Going All The Way ('those missle men / with their master plan / don't get paid to understand'), or maybe While We Were Hunting Rabbits, and then hit up Strange Days in southern Beirut -- straight up, one-take, video-recording Matt singing with a guitar amongst the rubble. That'd make a statement.


I feel like he'd probably get a lot of inspiration out of a trip like that, though, so we'd probably see originals if he went either place. In all of his talk about the events Over There (to me, from where I am, anyway), lately, I wonder if he's thought about making a stop in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, the Gaza or Israel or the like. It wouldn't be easy or cushy, but I wouldn't put it past him.


Tripoli in Tripoli?


I'd really like to see him record a single song at home in Canada somewhere, to be honest -- some place really isolated. Maybe a trip to the Arctic, or out here on Sable Island (strangest summer job location ever) would produce something stark and reflective, or introspective.


Isolation did Thoreau some good.


The next record will certainly be interesting, that's for sure.

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That sounds like a really cool idea. My favourite part about it is that it sounds like something he might actually like -- as opposed to something that we might just like.


Sort of like how I'd rather hear just exactly what an artist wants to play at a show, instead of all the usual requests (much more interesting, that way).


I wonder what he'd like to do.

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