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The World/inferno Friendship Society

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The World/Inferno Friendship Society are a nine(?)-piece punk/gospel/soul/klezmer/cabaret/circus band from New Jersey. It's nigh-impossible to describe what they sound like, but it's what they do that's more important.


I can't listen to these guys -- and especially their latest album, Red-Eyed Soul -- without my heart rate doubling. There is more energy in ten seconds of their slowest song than you'll hear in an hour on any radio station you could name. Drums and guitars and accordion and saxophones get under your skin and into your blood and if you can sit still while listening to this, I fear you may not be human.


The vocals are provided by the pseudonymous Jack Terricloth, a tall, gaunt fellow with a fondness for vowels who disdains consonants -- the whole notion of syllabics, really -- and slurs and trips his way through rapid-fire lyrics about love, loss, substance abuse, petty theft, violence, courage, freedom, and notable historical figures.


Live, they will rock your face off and change your life forever.


I implore you to check these motherfuckers out. You will thank me.

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^^^ Had your cup of pretentious this morning, I see. ^^^


Just kidding, this guys are pretty great, although I'm still waiting for my life to be changed. They're still going on my "to check out" list of bands that's roughly a mile long. Sigh...so much good music out there...

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