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little miss sunshine

Was This One Of Our Dans?

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Okay, so I was bored and reading through the comments on Matt's last post and I found this one...


"Not until the fog cleared did I realize that most of the destruction that surrounded me was caused by my own hand since she had left. She was the earthquake, but the aftershocks were my fault. I wanted to know what it felt like to destroy and cause pain. I wanted to spread havoc, to understand how this could have been done to me. I wanted the power - but I was no better at using power than anyone else seems to be. The handbook for my reincarnation contained but 7 words. For far too long I resisted opening the cover to read, but once I did I found the answer:

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Seriously, I go away for a few days and you rape my thread? At least she took it like the whore she is.


Back to the subject...what i really like about that quote was how the initial destruction was caused by a person/event but then what the person chose to do about it caused the most damage. I think most people do that in life and it really touches home.


I didn't necessarily like the tie in to Fearless at the end. I really liked the beginning.

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