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I Just Found A Ton Of My Childhood Stories

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Oh man. I'm at my grandmas, and we're cleaning out the basement playroom. During this arduous task, I come accross an old binder and curiously

open it up. I discover a notebook full of a whole series of short stories I called the 'Pig Files', as well as a few illustrated series, such as the four part

5 Dragons series, and the three part Laser Man series. HILARIOUS stuff.


Here's a page from Laser Man #3:




And here's the cover of 5 Dragons #2 and the main bad guy:






And finally, here's a few of the funnier episodes of 'The Pig Files' (with bad spelling left intact):


The Pig files part two


His partner sade well you deserve it. You wher a fage any way. So he went away. And the body roted. And the partner said bye jerk head.

But the body had a Alien inside of it. And the thing came out. The Alien shiveld up and died. It had no purpes like everything in this world.


From what I gather reading all of these, a fage is some evil monster. I just LOVE the ending. It had no purpes like everything in this world.

Pretty fucking bleak for a kid. This one is kinda stupid (the one after is way funnier), but whatever:


The Pig files II


The pig was now Fage Pig Man. Fage Pig Man can control guys who are fages. He farted and the smell made him fall on his back and die.

His new partner sade you are a fage fage pig man But the smell was still thar he turned green fell on his back and died. The wholl uivers cracked apart.

From the smell. The end.


And this one is my favourite, and actually made me laugh my ass off s I was reading it:


The pig files 4


In the next universe the aliens said nothing but dame.


dame dame dame dame

dame dame dame dame!


Pig fage man was pissed he didd'ent like hearing nothing but dame it's annoying so he barfed and the aliens went insane


Finally, here's a page of The Pig Files:



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OH yeah. A giant one, which is why I find them so goddamn funny.


Up untill grade 6, I was the loser that the LOSERS would pick on, and then I kinda upgraded to just a regular loser (but at least I had friends) and now I'm just a normal guy.

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Guest jsunC

"And the thing came out. The Alien shiveld up and died. It had no purpes like everything in this world"



ahaha, wow that's priceless. Good find owen.

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I'm glad you guys are getting some enjoyment out of these, cuz god knows I am. I can't remember the last time I've laughed so much.


Also, no, I did not just learn the word fag. It's a fage, man! I dunno what fages were, but I'm guessing some big evil monster or something.

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