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Wanted: Taped Mgb/mg Specials!

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I'm looking for: Matthew Good Band & Matthew Good specials taped off of TV (Much More Music, Much Music, MTV etc).


Specific things I'm looking for are "The Story Of..." from MMM, "Going Coastal"(Making of AOB, or anything!), and anything really!


Let me know what you have! I'm willing to pay money for copies of these tapings (on DVD preferably, if possible).

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There's still a lot of things I would like to see that I have heard about, and I would prefer to have good copies of them to watch on a TV at my house or a friends, etc. ;)


I find in YouTube the audio and video go a little out of sync most of the time, plus it's pretty low quality.


I'm happy to be able to watch that MMM special at last, but I'm still on the hunt of the hard copy of all this stuff!

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