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U R Fired

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i just found this article, in which a woman was fired from her job by a text message. The place that she was fired from said that they were just keeping with youth culture, but they say that you can not text in to work that you are sick. double standard? or is this the way our world is going?


U R Fired article






or is it just stupid?

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Independence - I don't get it... you wanted to get fired? Did you have another job lined up or something?


On the topic of blogs: I love free speech... but if you're bitching about your job while you're on the clock, it's not right. Also, if your job requires a secret clearance (not saying yours does, Independence), the last thing you should be doing is blogging about what you did at work. If you're not harassing anyone, and don't fall under these 2 categories, I see no problem with it.


Back on topic: I can see both points. 1) I'm not allowed to say I'm sick by text message, but I'm allowed to get fired that way. 2) I expect to be able to text in sick, but I don't expect to be fired that way. Interesting...wonder what will happen.

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Probably not. If she was terminated for just cause, and by reading the article, she was, that's all the government regulates regarding termination. Of course it regulates discrimination and minimum wage, but I don't believe it has anything to do with how you fire someone.


I also read another article that RadioShack fired 500 people by email.

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