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My Trip To Toronto.

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Hello all. so for the last week i have been in toronto, doing all the tourist stuff down there, and let me tell ya, downtown is a ton of fun. i will highlight the good stuff.

we stayed at the University of Toronto, so i was thinking, " oh man there will be loads of young people." was i ever wrong. it sucked, we saw probably only 1 half attractive girl there. and all the other girls around the area were always with family, or boyfriends. damn it. none the less it was fun.


Aug 2: arrive, it was poruing in the afternoon, so we stayed inside and drank.


Aug 3: hockye hall of fame. wow that place still rocks, we did all the cheezzy virtual games, and all the other stuff people do in there. see the cup, check out all the cool exhibits and whatever


Aug 4: CN tower. that was cool, lots of waiting to get in though. after that at about 3 pm we went on a tour of a brewery down by the tower, Steamwhistle Brewery it was cool, free beer, and very interesting. we had jays tickets for the night game, but i ordered from a special company to get a discount, and they didnt tel they blue jays they had sold the tickets, so they didnt work, so i sold em to some scalper. ahha jerk. so instead we went down by MUCHMUSIC to the movie theatres, and saw Talladega Nights, it was entertaining, but not funny. people in toronto laugh at everything i have found, so they found it funny.


Aug 5: aerospace museum. lame. old planes, not even bombers or anything. totally lame. then went to grandpa;s in oshawa.


Aug 6: went out with grandpa and family to the cabin on stoney lake, its on an island, so cool. fished and chatted with cousins and uncles, all very fun


Aug 7: Ontario science center. it was so sweet. we did some stop motion animation, and just really enjoyed all the hands on junk, we spent probably about 6 hrs there. 1 hr of that was in an omnimax movie called Fighter Pilots, it was neat, showed training of fighters from all over the world. the screen is massive, the sounds are great, and the picture is clear as crystal


Aug 8: WONDERLAND!!!! we got there at about 9. didnt know that it didnt really open till 10, but it was so fun. we did all the good rides. top gun was amazing as usual. tomb raider is a new fun one. so is the italian job. we met some girls there and only ended up hanging around with them for like 20 mins, but it was oh so close. we left at 8. it was a fun day. i got burned pretty good on my face, and blistered quick. not fun.


Aug 9: check out time 11 am. our flight 745 pm. we got to the airport at noon. wow. good thing we bought magazines, and found a good spot to sit. the flgith was long, but we were sitting beside a smokin hot 22 yr old girl, who was really fun to talk to. the flight got back to calgary at 10 local time. we got off the plane at 1140. the rain and lightning were craazy, so the ground crews woudlnt come out. so we just sat. it was good that the A/C was on, and the lights dimmed. and we had the girl to talk with. so by the time i got home and in to bed, it was like 130. it was a good trip. definatley a success




so the scientology part now.

on yonge street there is a church of scientology, it was really close to the univ, so we walked by it often.

they were doing "free stress tests" i thought oh thats neat ill do it. i know that i have pretty much no stress, so what the heck. so i sit down and tlak to this nice guy. he was almost too nice, like creepy nice. this is what he said, "So im gonna ask u a few personal questions, u dont have to answer them to me, just think about it, and we will see if it causes u stress." the first thing he was give me these 2 things that look like tin cans that campbell's soup comes in. they had wires coming out of them, one for each hand, the cables ran into this machine with some dials, and numbers and a little meter on it. like u know kinda like the type of meter used to electricity, like the little arm that bounces around. so i would think of the question he asked me and the thing woudl bounce, so thats stress. the question was "think of relationships" it bounced, and then he said, ok tell me what u thought of, well i thought he just said i dont have to tell him. i told anyways. he did this for every question. and also every question he would turn the knobs or somethign. there were a few questions that i would actually totally clear my mind, think of absolutely nothing, and they thing would bounce off the scales. what a crock.



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