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So I'm watching the TV and a commercial advertising a new season of prison break. I've never seen the show myself but I never really understood how they could make a whole season dedicated to a guy breaking out of jail... A movie maybe, but not a whole television series... and now a second season???


I'd like to know what the big deal about this show is and how they can milk it into a multiple season series

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Episode 1: Guy tries to break out of jail; attempt foiled.


Episode 2: Guy tries to break out of jail again; attempt foiled, again.


Episode 3: Peter Stormare does something funny, attempt to break out of jail foiled yet again.


etc, until season finale where they attempt to break out of jail again.


Season 2; they attempt to find out who the bad guy is; attempt foiled again.

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I thought the first season was pretty good. A little dragged perhaps but overall I liked it. Well, I have a thing for prison shows, Oz was the best!


About the second season, it's supposed to show them after breaking out, kind of dumb I suppose but when you have a hit show you do your best to milk as much money out of it as possibly can.

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I've never watched the show, I want to know though how did the dude get the fucking blue prints of the prison tattooed on his body and how the hell does he follow the part of the prison that is tattooed on his back?

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