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i own a toshiba laptop, but from now i am gonna be using a mac.

I also have a Toshiba and have been looking at Mac's.


I don't care what anyone says I enjoy them just as much as IBM's and they have less viruses. Plus I am starting to dislike XP, and i dont really want to use another OS on my Toshiba.

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I'm posting this from a Dell, but it's an ancient laptop, and its only major problem is clear: its battery lasts an hour, flat. I highly doubt that it'll spontaneously combust.


I also have another Dell box, that runs Linux and serves a website from the living room of my shared flat, and another one at the old homestead that's been running not too badly since the millennium.


If you want a decent computer, though, you build it yourself (or pay and arm and a leg for an Alienware). That's why I don't like Apples -- everything proprietary. You can't just get a generic HD for a Mac (as far as I've been educated), and upgrading is a bitch-and-a-half.


Though, at least you can game on a Mac again. Those dark days have ended.

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Well to be honest I work for dell, and it's not that laptop that you should be worried about. It was the sony battery packs that were shipped with laptops made between april 1st 2004 and I think it was june 2006.


and if you should suspect that you may have a bad battery, Kirk that's aimed towards you.


Check out www.dellbatteryprogram.com


Do that before calling the number.

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NOOOO call Dell first then go to the site

Your and ass you know that.


and it's roughly 400 million split between both sony and dell, and I may have said this already, but there are other devices that are using these battery's we've just taken the "pro-active" stand point on it as they would say.


4.1 million one way. 4.1 million the other way that's alot of shipping and reciving do be done here in the next few months.

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Guest apsham

If my laptop blows, you can all share my possessions. If the blast doesn't kill me, well let's just say that my laptop sits on my lap sometimes and... oh I don't even want to think about it.

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