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i was on matt's site the other week and saw some witting that looked like new lyrics. the title is snakes and ladders it was only up for 1 day. i did not save them but are looking for them, does anyone have them?


here are some but not all original lyrics from WLRR era




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no, you need to read the question - there are new lyrics being produced on his site, within the last week. i am looking for them


here is one


Rogues And Liars

It rained that day. Come to think of it, the priest died a month later. It

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I don't know this might be a bit too personal, but I missed the part where he got divorced. I know it's a touchy subject, but I hadn't been reading his blogs for a while and suddenly came on to find out he is no longer married. Can anyone fill me in on the details on what happened?

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