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I've noticed that a lot of folk, here, seem to be Westerners, or at least from Ontario and past (barring a few exceptions -- I realize there are some non-Canadians among us, as well), but one of my great, simple, rootsy musical loves of the past year has been Joel Plaskett. He does solo stuff (lately, with a cat named Peter Elkas), which is sort of rootsy and folky, and also tours regularly (across this nation, and others) with two other guys as the Joel Plaskett Emergency.


He also used to be in a little band called Thrush Hermit (you may have heard 'From the Back of the Film,' or 'The Day We Hit the Coast,' on the radio or Much, back around the time Sloan became nationally-beloved).


Back to the East-West, rambling beginning: is he purely a phenomenon, out here?


It's not high-concept art rock, but he's a very talented songwriter and a fairly capable guitarist (no virtuoso, but he picks a nice melody line while singing), and I wholeheartedly give it my official Seal of Approval.


One of the musical experiences that makes me real happy to live in Halifax for eight months a year. (Not that it isn't cool, anyway.)

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Awesome. I'm happy to know it's not top-secret.


La De Da is killer, and their new DVD, Make A Little Noise is keeping me from missing Halifax just enough that I'm still sane. He does some very, very sweet-ass remakes of old tunes in the concerts, on there. Plus, if you've never been out here to the good ol' 'Fax, you get to see our dependable Marquee Club, which is a great place for shows.

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