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Will Gnarls Barkley be a one hit wonder?  

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  1. 1. Will Gnarls Barkley be a one hit wonder?

    • yes
    • no

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im not sure. i think it's amazing that they have been getting so much attention in the first place (not because i think they suck).i'm going to have to say yes though, because i doubt they'll have anyhting bigger than "crazy" ever, and i dont think they'll make another album. it seems like a one time sort of collaboration.

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i said yes...but i could be mistaken.  i mean, Daniel Pewter was screaming one hit wonder with Bad Day, but then I heard his second single, and its pretty good.


you see, i have the appearance of a 125 pound 22 (19?) year old but I am, in fact, a 46 year old soccer mom mentally.

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Having had the cd shoved in my craw every day I went into work when it came out, I'm saying the following:


Crazy, while a good song, is probably one of the weaker tunes on the album.


Ergo: if they release another single (which they will) it will at least be mildly popular.


Really, Danger Mouse can do no wrong.

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the album is gonna have a couple other good singles definately.... nothing as big as crazy tho.


but keep in mind, gnarls barkley is just a moniker for cee-lo and danger mouse combining forces.... so its not like they havent had hits solo in the past

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It brings back bad memories every single time I have to hear that stupid fucking song. I quickly have to change the station if it comes on otherwise I'll freak out.


Stupid goddamned song.

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