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Borat: Cultural Learnings Of America For Make

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Sacha Baron Cohen is hilarious! Ali G Da Movie, the gay french dude in Ricky Bobby, now Borat is coming to theatres. The movie looks like it's all done in the exact same way he does the interviews on his show, meets Americans, saws random things which make he people uncomfortable, things get ackward.


everything you need to look into Borat should be on this webpage. I think this'll be a great movie.

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The movie theater I go to has this gigantic cardboard Borat by the front door but it doesn't say what movie it is or have any words on it at all. It's just an 9 foot tall Borat looking really excited and holding an American flag.


I'm trying to get them to sell it to me, but so far I have been unsuccessful.

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cohen's a comedic genius.


it's much like The Big Dirty insofar as it's like one long episode of Borat. I thought there was atleast some sort of line that Cohen wouldn't cross, but no.


some parts weren't quite as funny as the show. They tried too hard to be "funny" at different points and it made the jokes obvious and less effective. I expected that so it's no big deal.


my only complaint is that the moron beside me sucked his teeth throughout the entire movie.

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So I had to wait until tonight to see it beacuse last night was sold out (wonder what the #1 movie'll be this weekend)

Wa wa wee woah! this movie was so fucking funny, I almost threw up. Seriously! I was laughing so hard I almost puked. And I choked on a twizzler! good times.

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