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Favourite Corgan-related album?  

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  1. 1. Favourite Corgan-related album?

    • 1) Gish
    • 2) Siamese Dream
    • 3) Pisces Iscariot
    • 4) Mellon Collie & The Infinite Sadness
    • 5) The Aeroplane Flies High box set
    • 6) Adore
    • 7) MACHINA: The Machines Of God
    • 8) Mary Star Of The Sea (Zwan)
    • 9) TheFutureEmbrace (solo)
    • 10) I never got into the Pumpkins nor do I plan to in the near future.

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I have decided to call Billy Corgan the genius of 90s alternative rock. I also just felt the need to post some Pumpkins content. So which albums do you prefer? I'm sure I'll just be getting the first three albums mostly (which ARE classic) but the angst wore a little thin with me over the years. But, mind you, the later tracks on the Mellon Collie discs are some of the best songs he's ever wrote. When it's all said and done, I would say that Adore *gasps* is the BEST written Corgan album. Mellon Collie is probably the better album--actually it is but I'm still saying that Adore is my favourite and Corgan's most personal record too.


For the Pumpkins main records I'd say:

1) Adore

2) Mellon

3) Machina

4) Gish

5) Siamese


Pisces Iscariot is a wonderful, more mellow look at the early stages. Pick up the Aeroplane Flies High Set if you are a fan by any means--a must to own. TheFutureEmbrace was a terrific record and that's why that I'm angry that the Pumpkins have reunited. TheFutureEmbrace was a perfect mix of Adore and Machina and I don't want Corgan to be forced to bring back any angst when he reunites. The Smashing Pumpkins alongside Radiohead are perfect examples of bands who evolved so beautifully over a decade. Discuss.

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I didn't know they were reuniting.. this is amazing news!


I never got the chance to see them perform, by the time I started to really listen to them they had already broken up. Its always been a dream of mine that they would play one more show. To actually get that chance to be there now is shweeeeet.


I am soooo pumped.


On topic, the pink Melloncollie cd would be my favorite, followed by Adore and Siamese Dream.

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i really love the song "Set the Ray to Jerry" from the Aeroplane Flies High boxed set. It is a super great and awesome song.


As far as the Pumpkins getting back together, its only Billy and Jimmy, and it will never be the same without D'arcy and James ;)

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As far as the Pumpkins getting back together, its only Billy and Jimmy, and it will never be the same without D'arcy and James ;)

yeah. its essentially going to be like zwan and billy's solo project except with a name that actually carries some credibility along with it.

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