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Mass Produced Lifestyles

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Dont bother taking prescription drugs. It comes with the meat from your hometowns supermarket.

Canada and the US are run by pharmasutical and oil companies...it's true....



Anyway, if I go off my pills then BAM! Into the loony bin!!!


That reminds me, I have to pop a few RIGHT NOW!!

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You know, as far as I'm aware, it's actually illegal to pump Canadian cattle with precautionary antibiotics, and it's also against regulations and laws, here, to inflate them with growth hormones. I've been led to believe (mind you, by fellow students of Biology, who've done research on the subject for classes -- not exactly anything I have citable sources for, at the moment) that the hormone-filled, drug-ridden meat problem is largely an American phonomenon, as far as this continent goes.

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