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Private Going-away Show For Vancouverites

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I'll see if I'm allowed to tape and stuff.

i sure hope u dont put it in that store because i dont have any store money and i wanna see whatever you tape!

Wow Anton wants to promote more posting on the Bored. Ya know the Bored that he provides. You know the place for us all to go. He clearly isn't doing it to be "cheap" or a prick. The store is a good idea. In reality if you want stuff from the store but don't have the $NF they're are a myriad of other ways to obtain it. Ask someone on here. Hell even ask me I will gladly give it to you.

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I'm going.

Excitement She Wrote!


That is all.

Lucky girl! That's a once in a lifetime experience. You'll have to tell us all about it when you get back.

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I'll get footage up asap. Just got home.


By asap i mean maybe tomorrow or the day after?


fyi: half an hour of video or so


edit: could that dude who wrote the setlist down please email them to me? (hit the e-mail link)


he played a new song, metal wings, I think?

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please dont make us buy that video

Enough with tthat already. If you've looked in the store you'll see there are never videos up for download.


The videos will show up on youtube or the video section of the site sometime this week.

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