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The 2006 Fall Tv Season

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sept 21 greys anatomy

oct 4 lost


i really like greys anatomy, lost makes me angry because nothing is resolved, but i wanna watch now, cause i watched the finale, so now i gotta see what happened, but theyprobably wont tell for like 2 years.

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Sept. 5th



As far as the Lost thing above, they have really talked about doing only four seasons. I actually think that would be a good idea as I'd really hate to see it go too far and lose its touch. Kinda like The X-Files did. They should have ended that show long before they actually did.

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i never saw season one of lost, i watched a few episodes last season, but its lame none the less.


also i loved CSI when nobody else was watchgin it, thats when the good ones were, now i hate it, they spell everything out for ya, so lame.

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I don't remember the last time I watched TV, frankly. I don't remember seeing any ads for the new shows this season. So I'll stick to what I know for now. CSI, NCIS, blah blah. If I remember to record them when I'm at work.


Anyway, is there a link to a site somewhere that maybe has a list of new shows and what they're about?

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daily planet. i actually cant wait, for natasha stillwell. so hot.

That made me shiver like I've never shivered before.


u dont like daily planet or natasha stillwell?! she is so ugly its amazing. but that show is very cool

jay ingram is tight.

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