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Can Anyone Recommend Some Good Punk?

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Poison the Well is probably more hardcore-punk than straight-up punk, but their stuff is pretty badass.


I'm more into post-punk/post-hardcore stuff. (Much as I loathe the post-genre tag)


These Arms are Snakes

stuff along those lines


Failing that:


The Germs



Head Wound City

The Stooges

New York Dolls.

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dead kennedys: start with "plastic surgery disasters"

bad religion: anything from "suffer" up to "stranger than fiction"

good riddance: anything other than "for god and country"

nofx: "so long and thanks for all the shoes" or "the war on errorism" are my favs

propagandhi: "less talk, more rock" or "today's empires, tomorrow's ashes" are my favs. to very different sounds, but same messages.

ramones: "anthology"

misfits: "box set"

clash:"clash on broadway"



that'd be a decent starter collection.

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Clash, Buzzcocks, Sex Pistols


Clash kicks a many of an ass.


Suprised no one has mentioned Simple Plan. They're obviously the peek of any punk scene. I mean, Simple Plan didnt get booed off the stage at Warped last year, they left because the audience wasn't punk enough for them.

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I was under the impression that Simple Plan is not real punk. More lik that annoying emo stuff like Panic at the Disco and Fallout Boy.


Anyways, I'm not a punkster by any means, but you can't go wrong with the Clash or the Ramones, if the kids are calling them punk these days.

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