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Calgary Folk Fest

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So, I hope that everyone from calgary was at folk fest to see it live because it was amazing.



Now for my story, belive it or not.


I might have put that song into the play list because I talked to melissa mcelland the day before asking her if there would be any possiblity of them playing it on the main stage on sunday. If anyone else did the same sort of thing feel free to add your story... I want to know if it might have been a group effort



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Thanks for do that Bladeso. It was cool seeing all three of them together on stage.


Yeah, the weather was miserable. It was so cold and wet out there. We all had to stand up just to keep warm. Great concert though. I'm glad I went; it was well worth it.

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I would have gone... but no "it's too expensive" and I wuld have felt like a douche if I had gone alone

The other performers on the mainstage that day were pretty stellar, and Elliot Brood did a jam session with some other bands where there was a folk-rap song called "Get Down Airborn Bastards", written about allergies.


It was pretty hilarious.

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One of the best MG concerts I've seen...


And Luke Doucet really did add an awesome atmosphere with his electric.


Am I the only one who think Mclelland is one of the best female vocalists in this whole damn country?

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