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Spiderman 4!

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Sony has just announced plans to release Spiderman 4 sometime in 2009. No word as to yet if Tobey Mcguire or Kirsten Dunst will return, but they have confirmed the villian of the upcoming film. I've never seen this villian before, so it's not starting off so good. Too bad. Oh well, Spiderman 3 looks like the shits.



Here's a pic for all you folks. Cliky here for pic

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spiderman is gay, and also that pic doesnt work for me.

Exactly how old are you? Because I'm hoping your around the age of 12, so that I can blame your stupidity on immaturity. If you're older than that, do the world a favor and don't ever breed.

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For all of you that the link didn't work for, it was a picture of Mel Gibson's mugshot, and the thread was a joke. Don't get your panties in a bunch.

Also, Spiderman would whup Batman's ass.

Batman is 1,000 times better than Spiderman! They're are both pretty cool though. I'd have to say they are my top two favorite super dudes.

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That's why Batman sucks, he had to go get a pussy sidekick. I don't see Spiderman with no sidekick.

Spiderman never got any booty though. He was like (in a girly voice),"Oh Kirsten Dunst I love you, but I don't, but I do, but I'm so confused".


Bruce Wayne on the other hand, he gets the ladies 24/7.

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Excuse me?! Have you seen Peter Parkers wife? In the comics he is Married to MJ. Also, you can't forget the hotness of Gwen Stacey and that receptionist at the Bugle. And Felicia Hardy (the Black Cat.) Parker gets MAD pussy (get it? Black Cat, pussy! hahahaha) Bruce Wayne is just a punk ass bitch.

In a recent issue of Spider-man there was a conversation that went something like this:

Principal: Bats? I hate bats!

Spider-man: Everyone does! Maybe instead of a spider I should've based myself on a bat, ya know, strike FEAR into the hearts of my enemies... nah! Dumb idea.

case in point!



as for Spider-Man 4, there are no plans officially for it at this point. Tobey and Kirsten have both said they "might" come back for the 4th one IF the script is STRONG and Raimi returns.

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Robin sucks though. He should get shot one day. BANG! TO THE HEAD!!!!

robin two (jason todd) did get shot. by the joker, jerk. Then he got beaten with a crowbar thus dieing. catch up on your comics noob. pffft













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