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The Lakehouse

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I'm usually not up for chick flicks but The Lakehouse was a fantastic movie.


My only bone to pick with it was that it was really predictable.


SPOILER (Highlight to View)
I picked up on the Keanu was the one who was hit by the car thing at the beginning.


They could have cut the ending a bit shorter too.

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Seeing as "Sweet November" is the only chick flick I will watch, I really want to see it too.


Mind you, The Lakehouse is a remake of a Korean movie called "Il Mare", and I'd much rather watch that, can't find it though.

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For some reason, I think that if I went to see this movie, it would end up horribly like when I went to see City of Angels and actually laughed out loud when Meg Ryan got blasted by that truck. I mean, I tried to cover it up and seem like I was crying but I couldn't stop laughing hysterically.


"I'm riding my bike down a logging road with my eyes closed...WEEEEE!"

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