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Favorite Underappreciated Albums?

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albums you like/love that maybe no one else does. for me, it would be hum "downward is heavenward". i think i might be the only person on earth that listens to this album. also, mighty mighty bosstones "pay attention". it was their next album after "let's face it", which was pretty popular. i've seen it ripped on in reviews and i guess it didn't sell real well, but it's one of my favorite bosstones albums.

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there are reasons as to why no one else listen to hum and the mighty mighty bosstones. specifically the latter. i dont mind me some hum on occasion, but i dont think they're underappreciated, i think that the level that they are appreciated at is fairly accurate and appropriate.


i think the melvins and kyuss are fairly underappreciated among today's youth, but i might be wrong.

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i should have used the word "unpopular" instead of "underappreciated" i guess.


edit: maybe not, actually, 'cause they are underappreciated albums compared to other albums by the same bands. hum's first album sold well. their second album is way better (opinion of course) but hardly sold at all. and as for the bosstones, "let's face it" sold well and "pay attention" tanked. "pay attention" every bit as good, but i've seen fans rip it up in reviews. what i should have said originally was relatively underappreciated albums.

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Pluto - Shake Hands With The Future




Transistor Sound and Lighting Co. - s/t


that is an album that was released in 1998 and I feel if it were released today, post Rolling Stone's love affair for the New Pornographers and everything indie sounding, they would be tripping over themselves to hail it as the best album of the year.

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Most of the time, not very country. It's usually more folk-ish than country, only one of his albums that I've heard has much of a country vibe to it.


You can check some of his tunes here, I suggest "I Can't Steal You"



the stuff on his myspace wouldn't play for me, but i listened to the shit quality samples they have on amazon. sounds decent, but it's hard to tell from a 30 second, low quality clip. kind of a bruce springsteen "devils and dust" vibe (the only sprinsteen song i like).

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i think the melvins and kyuss are fairly underappreciated among today's youth, but i might be wrong.

You right glorious bastard. The new Melvins album is coming out Oct. 10th. Has the dudes from a drum/bass duo called Big Business (They stray closer to Black Sabbath than punk though) playing with them on this one. It's leaked, and it's oh, so sexy.


Thing is, Melvins and Kyuss are really difficult to digest bands, partially because of the vocals, also because a lot of their tunes are rather unsettling if put in a mainstream-ish setting. Not a knock against them, I admire the Melvins for keeping at it, and if they tried going mainstream, it just bloody wouldn't work. (I wish they'd come to Toronto soon)


Shame about Kyuss, but Queens of the Stone Age was a decent salve for that wound.


Dredg are pretty underappreciated, as well. I heard a lot of cats who went to Taste of Chaos panned Dredg, which is a bloody shame, really. I heard they were making noises about releasing a live cd, which would be pretty cool. Always felt like their studio albums never did justice to their live show.


Helmet and Clutch both mystified people at the festival-type concerts I've seen them on (Warped tour and Sounds of the Underground, respectively) but they put on amazingly tight performances, and rocked me like nobody's business.


As for an album that's pretty underappreciated:


Jawbox - For Your Own Special Sweetheart.


Absolutely brilliant, mindfucking, noisy rock.

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Ohhh Dredg, they are pretty cool.. aside from the mindnumbingly bad lyrics sometimes.


"It really seems unfair

But lately I don't care

I don't care about much

I've given up trying"


hahaha.. but seriously, the drummer is bad ass live. He MAKES the band.


And another great underappreciated cd imo is Change by the Dismemberment Plan.. really great!

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