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so I've been trying to add some variety to the CD's I've been bringing to work. I've dippen into my collection of CD's I just don't listen to anymore and discovered that some of them still kick a lot of ass! such as:

Stabbing Westward- Darkest Days

Korn- Korn

Korn- Life Is Peachy

Spineshank- Height of calousness

Ill Nino- Revolution Revolution


so I wonder, are there any CD's whose greatness you've only just re-discovered?

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I have stupid CDs that I listen to, purely for nostalgia value:


Monty Python Sings

Alanis Morrissette - Jagged Little Pill

The Drew Carey soundtrack XD


Always love to bust out the S Club 7 once and awhile too haha

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okay, i am now listening to Third Eye Blind - Third Eye Blind and i've got to tell you, i'm a little embarassed, outstanding album that is far better than the other radio-rock that was being played at the time.


It's a great album if you can ignore the fact that semi charmed life was overplayed to shit.

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