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I Don't Want For Nothing...

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Ok. I'm asking all you MG fans out there for a little help. I downloaded a song a few years back. The sound quality is pretty poor, but from what I can hear of the song it is a sweet song that I haven't heard from MG before. It was (mis)labelled "House of Smoke and Mirrors". As far as I can tell it is a live recording from a show MG played in 2002 at Cayuga. The lines go something like:


If I stay here with you

I don't want for nothing

I won't miss and I don't want you

When my baby left me

I don't want for nothing

I don't miss her and I don't want her(?)


That is kind of what I can make out of it. But I haven't been able to find out anything about it. I was wondering if anyone out there knows if this is a cover that Matt did of something, or a b-side. I have searched and found nothing about it. I would love to find a better recording of it as well. If anyone has any info on this please, it would be very much appreciated. Maybe someone that was there remembers something. Thanks. (It sounds like it would have been so awesome live though!) :-)

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Thanks for the line Carl. Thanks for the link Prometheon. I'm lovin' it! One quick question though... The line, "I wore this one when I walked away" it sounds to me like it might be "walked alone". Also, on the cut I had, it sounds like (to me anyhow) that he might say, a couple of times, "When my baby left me". But there is a decent chance I'm crazy! (or just drunk! it does make it more fun!). But for sure on the link, he just says "when my baby's with me (now)". Thanks for the help everyone!

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