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Who had the best voice from the grunge era?  

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  1. 1. Who had the best voice from the grunge era?

    • Chris Cornell
    • Eddie Vedder
    • Lane Staley
    • Kurt Cobain

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I had gotten into a debate about the best grunge singer with a bunch of my friends a few days back. There was major disagreement within our group, and I am just curious to see who really is best.


Edit: My vote went to Chris Cornell, based on his performance on Badmotorfinger, and Superunknown.

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i think art has an awesome voice.

he does, but that one song they keep doing can only go so far. in their defense it's way better than the one song nickleback keeps doing.

ya art has a really cool voice. but im talking like the older stuff. of course not volvo driving soccer mom, but like the sparkle and fade cd, and the other one that was before which i just forgot. i think world of noise, its in my room, but im too lazy to move 20 feet.


and actually, i like nickelback too.

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It's funny -- generally, I'm not very impressed with Audioslave ('Be Yourself' was probably the lamest way anyone could have written that sentiment into a song), but a couple of tunes they have are pretty good. 'Doesn't Remind Me' was a very odd one, given the usual stylistic tendencies of everyone involved, but I thought it worked.


That said, I vote for Vedder. The others are fantastic, but Eddie's got a damn wide range of styles at his disposal. Everything from some sweet or angry Beatles and Dylan covers to 'Do the Evolution' to 'Yellow Ledbetter.'


Then again -- man, can Cornell wail, and couldn't Curt brood like no other.


[Edit: typo]

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