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Is Matthew Good In The Movie "going The Distance"

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lol i guess he was...it says he was also done by "Gonna Meet a Rock Star" tv show...and weapon was used in smallville and alias.


Pretty intersting stuff this internet has to offer..

I saw that episode of smallville and I EEEEE'd when it happend

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I could be wrong but I think he didn't do it in the end because they couldn't guarantee that he wouldn't be asked to play a lame characature of himself.


All I know is there was a bad Canadian movie with Avril Lavigne in parts of it and Gob, that Matt was supposed to do but was never in.

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When I saw Mulholland Drive, I kept thinking the film producer in it was acted by Matthew Good. There was just something about his mannerisms that seemed Good-esque.


Whatever Good-esque is, that is.

I know what you're talking about! I can't remember his exact face but when I think back on it, he definitely reminds me of Matt.

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Wasn't Apparitions used in a movie at one time as well . . . I thought I remembered hearing that although I cannot recall which movie that it was used in . . . anyone??

yeh i think you're right

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