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Yeah...I found the entry a little frightening. He's a big boy, we oughn't to coddle him or anything...but I'm just a tad worried and scared for his well-being...


I don't think he's a drama queen or an attention-seeker, but what are we to do when he posts things like that?

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I think he's alright. Maybe not having a great night, but he'll wake up tomorrow. He posted a picture called Lorazepam Angel on his Flickr page sometime ago, so he's likely on that drug which is related to Diazepam (Valium) and is a CNS depressant. It aids sleeping for those suffering insomnia from severe anxiety, which he could quite likely be going through, so perhaps the haze is from a night-time dosage?


I suppose the only course of action for a fan is to send him a supportive email.

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This is absurd.


It's Matt. He knows more than most the worth of life and how taking his own life would cheapen the deaths of people all over the world who struggle for something so valuable as the right to live.


If anything, I'd say the last few lines of his latest post are metaphoric for his departure of his home and the beginning of the new life he will shape for himself.

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Am I one of the only ones who didn't interpret it as suicidial?

I don't think most folk here actually felt that he was going to off himself, so much as they were just worried, and human curiosity led to exploring all interpretations. Last night, I didn't think he was suicidal, just that he was having a more-than-usual hard time of things.

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I was a little bothered by his entry on first glance, mainly because of the comments being off, but managed to brush it off because I have enough faith in the man than to think he'd give up like that.


This thread just kind of got my imagination going. Seeing everyone so worried about it. You crazy bastards...lol ;)

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