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Silent Narcotic Remixes

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It's amazing what you find when you clean up files on your computer.


I have 4 of MGB's songs remixed by (presumably) a fan (SilentNarcotic). If any one knows how to post them so everone can D/L them, let me know.


They are not anything spectacular, but rather re-interpretations and re-editing of the songs...mostly just interesting.


Rico, Future Is X Rated, Jenni's Song and Hello Time Bomb are the tracks.





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Megamix is what got me into Matt Good.


It was the little snippet where the guitar hook for My Life as a Circus Clown is mixed in. That led me to getting the song from my friend, then the album, then the rest of the albums and seeing him live 3 times in 2 months.


I am now forever devoted to all that is Good


(kind of odd... now I can't listen to Megamix without stopping it 3 minutes in...)

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