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Song For The Girl

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I was given this song some time ago. Didn't see it in the store and it's not a bad recording. So if anyone wants it...


http://www.yousendit.com/[email protected]



Yup. I'm a moron. This is a live version of Weapon. Not sure if it's the same one on the store. I'll get the other one up shortly. Sorry.


Ok. This should be it.


http://www.yousendit.com/[email protected]

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I won't cry because of it. Never liked that song.

Me, neither. When I uploaded Avalanche into my iTunes after I got my Mac Mini, I purposely left it out. Too much of a let's-hold-hands-and-sing-kumbaya feel to it with the la la la la's (or whatever - I don't think I've heard the song in at least 2 years).

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he played an encore, but it was the second of two shows there, and the encore was shit.


first night was giant and SWW, then ... something (sorry, i can't remember what anymore), and finished with apparitions.


second night, the encore consisted of the band jamming out some club tune from the warehouse, then apparitions and song for the girl.


edit** oh ya, and the song itself...


well, it was a good excuse to beat the crowd the second night. probably my least favourite.

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You know, if he really just did what the majority of the fans wanted, he'd have made Hello Time Bomb and Load Me Up, repeatedly.


I go to a show to see what the artist wants to play, and if they play something that's not my favourite, I try to enjoy it anyway. If they're really acting deliberately in song choice, then one might as well consider what's being said when an artist plays something for you (even if it's just Song for the Girl).


Every fan has a song they want to hear. It's never all the same. The only slap in the face to the fans is walking off stage, mistreating your audience, or refusing an encore (and all only for a good crowd; if they're not, screw 'em).

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aright, fair enough.I guess that was exaggerated when I said it was a "slap in the face". But by the time Matt was touring avalanche the majority of the "load me up fans" had stopped going to his shows. I'm not saying he should have played the catchy single but it would have been cool to hear a song his fans would appreciate. this board is full of some of Matt's truest fans and I have no doubt the consensus is that Song For The Girl is not one of Matt's best efforts.

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