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The Wickerman

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It's a great movie...but the end is absolutely horrible


SPOILER (Highlight to View)
It's already fucking horrible that they break his knees and make the bees sting him although he's allergic and then give him his adrenaline shot to keep him alive. But it's even worst that they burn him to death and that his little girl starts the fire under everyone's pleased eyes. Then you think "something's going to happen, someone's going to save him"...no, he burns, you hear him scream, then you see his burnt body in the wickerman's head and the movie ends...no one comes to rescue him and no one comes to arrest the women on the island. I was so pissed I told my girlfriend "I would fucking drop a bomb on that island"...Even if someone came to the island after to investigate on Nicolas Cage's death that would have been fine by me. They didn't have to save him. But you can't just finish that there and leave the people thinking this will happen again.


Anyhow, the rest of the movie is great though.

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