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The village

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Saw it, it was different, wasnt that scary, only jumped twice, and xandi only screamed once...but it had some neat twists...


we have a theory about M. Night Shamalamalama (shyamalan) first name is something mundane or boring, hence the "M.", probably melvin



xandi i think you convinced that lady that his first name really is melvin

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It was alright. Not great, not by far. But it was better than I expected. Really corny script and acting though, I've gotta say. They could have done a better job when it came to the point too.


Hockey oh I read this thread before I went to see the movie last night. I get the hockey reference now.

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I read some reviews online before I went and they were all bad, so I wasn't expecting much.

Shymalan tried too hard to make it dramatic and scary. I saw it at night so that made it better, but it's basically a love story in a messed up village.

I didn't hate it though, that's how I think I sound, but I didn't hate it. It reminded me of a good kid's book I read a few years ago. (Does anyone know what book I mean?)

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