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never liked richard patrick or filter

yay! i didn't either!

you get mad ill props then, missus christy.


on occasion, patrick has a good voice, but his music is just so weirdly bad (thats the best way i can describe it) that i can't enjoy it.


aside from danny lohner and charlie clouser, it's a given that the NIN alumni stink at making music.

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I think it's great. Huge Filter and STP fan, so whats not to like? It's not the greatest but it ain't bad.

by that logic, people that are fans of soundgarden and rage against the machine should think audioslave is a fantastic band. i know very few people that feel that way about them, though.

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velvet revolver certainly have good stylists. i'll give them that. it looks like they lost a bet to rob halford or something.


BUT so long as slash DOESNT have a bottle of jack daniels in his hand, i dont care about him. scott weiland could never sing, i dont know why he thinks he can now...


frankly they're washed up. i'll used janes addiction as an example. i realize they arent a supergroup and are broken up, but if you form a band around the basis of drugs and decadence, and that is the lifestyle of the band in your formative years, what gives you the impression that you music will still be good when you take the drugs out of the equation???! im not advocating irresponsible drug use, nor am i saying that drug use of any kind = creativity, but please dont piss on me and tell me it's raining.


its like when billy corgan turned christian/happy. he no longer had that "umpf" to his music that made it the least bit interesting. again, not saying depression = creativity. tell that to linkin park, seether, evanescence, and a whole world of other painful things to listen to. for audioslave, they lack passion. whether that passion is in politics or something else, that band needs to rock our faces off and has yet to really do so AS A BAND. they have moments of glory from time to time, and on all records. revelations isn't half bad but it dabbles in mediocrity when it should be experimental and make me want to go do something with my life.


i've lost my train of thought.

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