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Rev. Fred Phelps Vs Colbert And Stewart

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"and he and all his fellow citizens of Sodom and Gammorah... were toast"

and there was a picture of toast in the corner!


these godhatesfags.com people are psychos! I like how quickly they ignore the bible when it suits their needs. the bible says that it is not our place to judge and they jump at the chance.



did he just say "ergo"? if he uses the words "I created the matrix" I'm gonna laugh SO hard!

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The problem I have with people like him isn't so much that they are full of hate, as there will always be people like that. My problem with people like him is the fact that it gives a bad name, a bad face to those that have faith/religion/beliefs. Out of the many people of faith I know, it is the minority that are full of anger and hatred towards those that they perceive as

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I agree, to some extent. I don't like my faith being given a bad name by someone who could not possibly speak for all of us.


I guess people filled with hate (anyone at all, toward anyone at all) just make me sad, without exception, even if they'll always exist.

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