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Nhl 07

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I think most people on this board are Canadian...and therefore love hockey. I've been buying the EA sports line of NHL games since I was in grade 3, but I don't think I have the money to get NHL07 quite yet.... has anyone out there played and/or bought it? It releases today... PS2 version is 39.99 at futureshop.


Reviews/Comments/Opinions welcomed. Discuss.

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i was kind of falling away from sports games, but thanks to the XBox 360 version, i wanna make love to the game, it is amazing. graphics, gameplay, everything. if u have a 360 BUY IT

hey ryan that's awesome - i only have a ps2 but i bet it kicks ass as well - that's why i always buy em!!!


damn now i want to hit up future shop

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this is the best hockey game to date. it's a huge improvement from the last.


the checking is realistic for once, the controls are better. the players resemble the players they're supposed to be, ( a lindros would be slow, a wellwood would be fast). all very noticable. You can set playing styles. I forget what else

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I haven't paid for an EA sports game since 2004. I played 2005 and then 2006 last year, and couldn't have been more disappointed -- there was little to no difference, and they didn't even manage to include Crosby or Ovechkin in the game until like three roster updates later.


Furthermore, the performance of various players is never in line with their actual quality. Want a great, cheap player in '04 or '05? Get Marcel Goc from the Eurpopean leagues -- he's a superstar in gameland.


I'll probably try '07, but EA has leaps and bounds to go before they get me buying their tripe again. 2K is looking better and better (the old 2K football series was the watermark for videogame football, to be honest).

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I've now played both and have bought 2k7 just for the amount of depth in the gameplay. I can actually play defence, the framerate is very smooth, playing online is still awesome, BOB COLE AND HARRY NEIL, what more do I need?

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