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What Is The Last Song You Would Want To Listen To?

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let's just play the "what if game"


the russians have gone beserk and are launching the missles


you have time to listen to only one song before you are wiped from existence


what do you pop on your stereo?


*this was supposed to be a "what is your suicide song" thread, but i thought that is too morbid...and i don't want to encourage such foolish things"


myself, i would have to listen to I Miss New Wave by MGB


it calms me


*that would also be my suicide song, btw"


continue on

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back when i was really really REALLY stupid and i did consider suicide, I Miss New Wave was going to be my last song...I was just going to have it on repeat...so people that found me would be like, "wow, he had a connection to this song..."


just the last line of "at least i got one...thing...right..."


and not a day goes by am i not glad i didn't do anything as STUPID as what I wanted to do, because the way I see it, everything I knew then, I know so much more now.


so kids, remember, suicide is never the answer.

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Astral Projection - 12,000 Suns


It's twelve minutes long and I would like to be completely vaporised in the nuclear furnace of a nearby thermonuclear detonation at exactly 11:43. Not that anyone would bother to nuke Kanata directly.


Runner-up positions go to various Nine Inch Nails and Matthew Good tracks.

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Radiohead - Sit Down, Stand Up


Seems appropriate.


The beginning is me realising the bitter end is only a short way away. "Walk into the jaws of hell" is me accepting/inviting it, same with "We can wipe you out any time." Then the crescendo, and then "Raindrops" is hell on the horizon, and then the last roll off the symbols at the end is death.

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Hah, I thought you were talking about the LAST song I would want to hear at any given moment. Which, right now, would be London Bridge. Yet I was still subjected to it today. However! That's not what this topic's about. Good thing I read page 1.


I'd want to hear something peaceful... so I think Strange Days. But I've had this strange affinity for House of Smoke & Mirrors lately.

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