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Fuck yeah. You guys created this topic just for me, I know it. Spoon is awesome, my third favorite band. I'm only missing Girls Can Tell (belonged to the ex) and A Series of Sneaks, as well as bunch of EPs and singles.


I think I enjoy Kill The Moonlight and the Love Ways EP most, followed closely by Gimme Fiction, then all the rest. I like how they have many different sounds, they can be catchy, they rocked in the beginning, and now they've mellowed out. Their music's always been fairly simple yet has a lot of depth, I love their guitars, and Britt Daniel has, in my opinion, one of the best male singing voices. Good lyrics, good writing, good sound, just good music.


"I miss that way you hold yourself

I miss that sense of wonder inside

don't want to be your victim for life

don't want your exclusive rights

I just want you to change my life"

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I love Spoon!  I get Something To Look Forward To stuck in my head all the time.


I've been trying to decide which album is my favourite.  Probably Kill The Moonlight.

*shoots self*


Who the fuck was I trying to impress? I haven't even heard the other albums....


Anyway, here's the song:




Not the best quality, but should be fine if you don't really care.

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