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Official "i Miss..." Thread

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this thread is for the posting of things that you miss.


be it personally, entertainment wise, or philisophically.


whatever it is, post what you miss in your life.



i'll start with...



I miss watching MuchWest on sunday nights.


I loved watching reports on music from the Ontario/Manitoba border west.


I loved the specials they would do on MGB.


so continue...what do you miss?

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I miss being there everyday.


I miss sleep.


I miss the Coquihalla Campsite.


I miss good movies.


I miss my bed.


I miss my friends that have gone to college.


I miss hacky sack.


I miss physical activity(As in sports).


I miss my older brothers and sisters.




I miss not having any worries.

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I miss life.




Carefree days.








Friends from the past.






Late night talks with my brother.


Late night talks with her.


Late night talks with Meg.


Partying with friends.


I miss lauging sincerely.


Smiling like I mean it.


Camping trips as a kid.


Car rides in the mountains listening to Buddy Holly and the Beatles.


That old station wagon, and picnics on the tailgate.


Campfires at the cabin, the cabin and the way it used to be.


Uncle Jim.


My grandparents.


Good times with cousins at my my grandparents' old house.


Grandfather clocks, wood stoves, and root cellars.




Being home in December.


Holding hands.






My bike.


That old worn out shirt.


Movies, the way we used to watch them.


Walking home from school on an autumn day.



There's always more, but I've posted enough for now.

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i miss homecooked meals and my parents and my cat and free body waxing and driving in a car. i miss being able to go to bed whenever i want. i miss knowing everyone in my classes. i miss knowing the way i felt and what i wanted an what's best for me.

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Yeah Lauren, uni is great for existential crisises. Don't worry too much about it though, stuff works out in the end.

its not really an existential thing.. there are issues i have to deal with sooner rather than later so as little pain as possible can be inflicted. the situation has be so confused that i just wish i knew what i wanted and how i feel so i can get out of it.

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