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Official "i Miss..." Thread

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I miss having a school uniform...

I miss the girls wearing short kilts, as well. Nowadays it's just enormous amounts of cleavage without any shout-outs to the legs.


Tell you what - I've still got my school uniform packed up at home. You grab yours and I'll grab mine and you can come to my lectures with me and we'll look completely fucking ridiculous together.

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i miss real motivation, the excitement of a new relationship, i miss trying to get business and keeping it, having to be there, golf, crazy lunches, flirting, not knowing where i was, self destruction, the comfort of far-from-perfect, i miss struggling and the drive to make things work out.






good fucking thread, mr. haugen.

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I feel you Adam. I'm taking a 200 level Stats course and so far we're still doing basic probability bullshit.


Example: You have a deck of cards, and remove 5. What is the probability that you get exactly 4 Hearts?


Edit: Oh, and to stay on topic, yeah I miss being with somebody too. I miss the period where you learn about each other and it's a little awkward but also really fun, I miss the sex, frig I just miss th whole experiance. But lately there have been no girls that I've met that I've felt that 'spark' with and it's quite disheartening.


I have my hopes up for this ultra-cute blonde chick. Time will tell.

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You have a deck of cards, and remove 5. What is the probability that you get exactly 4 Hearts

That crap was boring and easy as hell.


I miss having a real television set, even though the projector screen is the size of my wall.


I miss home cooked meals.


I miss playing D&D, and M:tG.


I miss having a good night sleep.

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your life sucks cole.

It has it's ups and downs.


And yeah, I wish my Magic wasn't collecting dust. I keep asking people to play, but nobody will. They say they will, but once the chance arrises, everyone would rather have me kick their ass at a game of Risk or Settlers of Catan. Fools.




On topic: I miss being able to pump my music. Stupid appartment buildings.

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