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Avalanche Acoustic Video

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the videos aren't uploaded yet from the private show.I might be wrong, but I remember reading that avalanche was one that matt didn't want uploaded? I don't know.


if you just want to know how to play it it's easy dude, there's tab around and people here who know how to play it

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Well, I didn't know that Matt didn't want avalanche out there. I also didn't know that a video was such a hot commodity and that my subject would be a tease. Sorry! I have seen a few vids but he did Avalanche first a lot on the tour with all the sparkley lights so the videos aren't that good. But I know that at one of the acoustic shows I saw (can't remember which) he played it further into the set. Oh well.

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learn it from the album, and play it the way that will highlight your talents (i.e. softer chorus to highlight voice if you feel it's strong, heavier chorus to hide voice if you can't sing it that well).


obviously you're gonna have to leave out the part with the movie excerpt, but don't feel like you can't experament with it to find a suitable way to play it.


also on youtube there's a matt good montage that's 7 minutes long, mostly him talking and snippets of songs, but it has the last chorus and the ending of avalanche on it.

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