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The Rules Of Attraction

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The film is The Rules Of Attraction, Directed by Roger Avery and starring James Van Der Beek (in a very un-Dawson role).


This is a "college movie" that is like no other. Most films being released post-American Pie feature that same things. The football star with the heart of gold, the nerd that everyone picks on and just wants to lose his virginity, the bitchy socialite.


Allow me to copy-paste a much better description of the film from IMDB.com than I could ever attempt.


This is a twisted story about sex, drugs, and college. Three disturbed students at Camden college get involved in a love triangle. Sean Bateman (brother of American Psycho's Patrick Bateman) is a womanizing drug dealer who falls in love with virginal Lauren (not to be confused with her slutty roommate Lara,) because he inspects that she is his secret admirer, who is leaving notes in his box. Although Lauren does like Sean, she is still infatuated with Victor (her shallow ex boyfriend) who is in Europe for a semester. Lauren used to date Paul before he came out of the closet, and now Paul has his eyes on Sean when he mistakes him for bisexual. Things get more complicated since all the side characters (including the mentioned Lara and Victor) are deeply disturbed as well. Everybody is only looking out for themselves, which insures that nothing good can come from this. One knows this because the end of the story is the first scene, and the rest of the movie serves to show how Lauren, Paul, and Sean wind up miserable at "The End of the World Party."


Have you seen this? Do you love it?


Did you just not get it and judge it like so much, "sodamntired's opinion of jazz music?"


post away. discuss. spread the word across the large forum known as the bored.


allow me to share an unrated teaser trailer for this film so those who are unaware can see the pure anarchy and brilliance of this peice of celluloid.


Rules Of Attraction


and a peice of the movie


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They were also planning on releasing something called "Glitteratti" or something along those lines. I think it was supposed to either be all of the footage from Victor's Europe trip not used in Rules of Attraction. That or to suggest what happens in between Rules and Glamorama.


This next part is only for anyone who has also read American Psycho. The other day on campus I discovered a sign that says "This is not an exit." I had no idea those signs actually existed. I want to steal it, but it's too close to the wall to simply pull or pry off, so I will have to be more inventive. Any professional sign stealers in the waterloo area will be rewarded handsomely for their help. (hand jobs and home made cake)

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