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Computer Help, Please

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so i bought a new mouse, being that my old one died on me.


i plugged it in and threw away the plastic it came in.


the best i can figure is that there probably was an installation disc in the plastic that i needed to install.


now my mouse is working fine, but my video on my monitor is acting all jumpy and stuff. it sucks.


my guess is i should have installed something that came with it.


if anyone knows how i can fix this and could help me, that would be appreciated.



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Crusader is right, your mouse should have NO affect on your video card what so ever. Go to that site, download the drivers and you should be fine.


So you bought a new mouse that has a track ball? You didn't get an Optical or Laser mouse? How much did you pay for this mouse? What connector does it have? USB (Rectangle plug) or PS/2 (Round plug)



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Check to see if your monitor is plugged into the computer snuggly.

And all nice and warm and comfy.



Christoffer, I thought you was young like us!

22...is that still considered young?



and this is the type of mouse i have


GE Scroll Mouse

HO97859 - $14.99 Add to cart


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