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If You Were Going To Change Your Name...

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...what would you change it to? keep in mind that obi wan kenobi is already taken by some dude in florida (true story, but the florida part might be wrong). i've thought about it cuz chris is such a common name. i was in a class once when i was a kid that had five of us. i don't know what i'd pick, personally. maybe make up my own name. there's plenty of allowable sound combinations in english that aren't being used as words yet. i could throw together some cool sounds and the combination of them could represent me. what about yous guys?

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i used to dislike my name




but its really grown on me


so unique, yet i never correct people when they (always) mis-pronounce it.


"well, Christopher..."


"no, actually, its ChrisTOFFer."


that would be so conceited and awesome, i choose not to correct them.

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I'd call myself Forsberg. No last name, just Forsberg.

avalanche fan?


i am acuatlly planning to change my name pretty quick here.



my dads name is Michael. im named after him, im Michael Ryan McKelvie, so all my legal documetns say Michael, so all new teachers call me that, so i just wanna get it changed itll be less of a hassle. but Ryan Michael McKelvie soudns weird.

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ahh yes... i love forsberg. i am a hardcore avs fan, he is definatly in the top 5 playerrs in the league. i loved him as an av, and still love him as a flyer.


yeaa forsbergs prlly top 2 in the leauge.


Flyers are a godsend..

It goes



Fork the rest...

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...being that the Flames haven't won a cup in recent memory?

no because im a hardcore avs fan. the flames would be my fave, but, the avs are cooler...


and lots of pople dont just cheer for the winners. like lots of my fave teams in other sports suck now.

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