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GORILLAZ. They have a unique, unchallenged sound. Rock/Pop/Hip-Hop rolled into one, completely original. The lyrics are very urban dictionary "cool" in my opinion. Even the fact that they're a virtual band(animated), makes them that much more unique, and interesting. The music videos are all enjoyable to watch, the style of animation made their own. Their albums are awesome for both just chilling and listening to, or pumping at mindblowing volume.

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The (International) Noise Conspiracy







Smash It Up



The Reproduction Of Death


if you think that maybe their coolness in their videos was all choreographed.


Black Mask (Live)



I saw them live this past summer. Their energy is for real. I got to be so close that the bass player sweat on me and Dennis (lead singer) kissed my hand.


so my vote is for t(i)nc.


and their coolness.

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Matt Mays & El Torpedo is the epitome of cool my friends. dont even post anything else. watch this.



it's weird seeing someone you went to school with in a music video every other time you switch on much loud. (the drummer, not matt).

TIM JIM!!! i met him. after one of their shows. he is so cool. one of my fave bands by far.

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tool. tool are the coolest band. not only musically but also in their fashion sense.




i think you can lock this thread now, theres no more room for debate.


queens of the stone age are pretty cool too. josh homme slicks his hair back while playing music. that's tr

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