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Halloween 2006 (merged)

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I've never understood the fascination with Tifa/Aeris...


This Halloween me and my friend are going to go hardcore, collecting as much candy as possible as fast as we can. I'm a Jedi, My friend is Spiderman, and some others haven't really decided if they're game.


I think it might even come down to a posse of Jedi and Sith.

That would be grand.

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I'm not a fan of Halloween. Don't really care too much for it.


So, I'm going to be all humbug and go out and buy some candy and gorge on it. I don't know if I get trick or treaters but I doubt it cuz I'm in an apartment building.

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Halloween sucks because there aren't any good costumes for guys. Girls have so much variety... Slutty nurse, Slutty Vampire, Slutty goth, slutty witch. Guys only have the option of being someone from movies or a cop that looks like a stripper. life isn't fair

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