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Something Different Happened To Me

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so a couple nights ago I was listening to Beautiful Midnight and I realized, that album means so much to me and it is just an incrdible peice of work by matt and is former bandmates, i don't just listen to that album. i realized that it had such a deeper meaning for me while it was playing. i don't simply physically listen to this album with my ears, it's more of an experience while it is playing. i take it all in at a deeper more inexplicably manner. i have progresssed past simply listening to the album, it is an experience while it spins in my stereo.


i don't know, i just thought i would share this story on the bored and if you have had the same thing happen with you and an album, not just by Matt, but by any artist, post your stories.

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While I have not really got to deep while listening to a CD or a single songs, some songs do have pretty powerful lyrics within them that sends shivers up my spine.


For Example: The 3rd verse and last chorus of Let Down by Radiohead, sends me into a peaceful place where I just close my eyes, and let the music lead me where it wants to go. The same goes for the strings at the end of While We Hunting Rabbits, and Man of Action.


For me music is an outlet, where I can take all my sorrow and pain, and let it vent for me. I let it take control and let it do what it wants. Music is a very powerful tool, that has a broad range of emotions.

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I havent been so deeply affected by BM since the very first night I listened to it. But over the years, there have been those unexpected moments where I'm suddenly taken back to those feelings. It's a great uplift when it happens ;)


As for stories, I was once listening to A Boy and His Machine Gun in high school and I randomly slammed my head into a locker. By a strange coincidence I had been drinking vodka in Math the morning of the occurence. So who knows how it happened?...

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the following albums definitely do this for me, send me to a whole other place, as opposed to just standing as great music:

: interpol - turn on the bright lights

: radiohead - ok computer

: mgb - audio of being

: the smiths - queen is dead

: broken social scene - you forgot it in people

: the national - alligator

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