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Guilty Addictions

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quiting smoking for good was surprisingly easy for me



i had tried quitting before, but would make it a couple days before i was lighting up again.


the thing was, every time i tried to quit, i would be all dramatic and shit. take my pack, tell a friend, "you see these? never again!" and throw away the pack, but that wouldn't last.


this time, i dunno, i just stopped. i don't even remember the last time i had a cigarette.


and i smoked for about 2 1/2 years


also, i read somewhere that most college students who say that they are going to quit smoking after they graduate, don't...and i've never been one who likes fitting into people's assumptions or predictions of who i am.

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Man, those are the worst guilty pleasures lists I've ever seen.


Here is some real stuff:


E! True Hollywood Story & E! News

Beverly Hills 90210

The O.C.

One Tree Hill

Pink Is The New Blog

Stupid American High School Movies

And I'd totally bang Steven Tyler from Aerosmith even though I'm gay

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* Shisha/Hookah with Strawberry flavoured tobacco (and maybe weed XD)

* Kinky sex

* House (The show)

* Lovegety Cards

* Salvia Divinorum >.>

* Anime/manga

* Video games ;)

* Guitarfreaks/Drummania/DDR

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i dunno. i dont think i have any because if you truely enjoy something then there's no sense in feeling guilty about it.

Because it's stupid to think you should always do all that you feel like doing at any given moment. The whole instant gratification obsession so many people have is a serious problem for society.

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